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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  December 28, 2015 4:30am-4:59am PST

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>> good morning we are live pictures and text morning. last right now you see live aerial coverage. this is an area affect the thaw a lot of tornadoes. 430 year las vegas. for nato's are for this time of year in texas. by the united takes on average we get about 20 or tornadoes. without almost three times more tornadoes this month than in a normal number. the most tornadic the number of all time on record. >> we will be monitoring that texas morning.
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year. >> the 20 morning. right now down the freezing mark. with that of the southwest of war. we don't get into the 20 area often. we're at 29 degrees on the left side. currently of 30 degrees. this will get lower as we get towards sunrise. the lowest temperatures all day will come right around 30 or six morning. eight degrees below normal with a few breezes. lacks weather continues to be a top story area take you back to texas for this one. throughout the christmas weekend we are also monitoring the life is coming into his morning. that state in particular in the mixture of heavy rain for nato's
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that makes it very dangerous. on your screen, a news throughout about the marshall to the dallas. in his interest that's a report morning on the tenet best tornadoes that destroyed homes. class only when lightning last in the darkness of people tornado in the. you can see the damage easily now. >> of it was pretty dramatic. we just came out to assess our own damages and he's over there yelling for help. >> we realize that he was running a growth the road with maybe. >> you tried to take his newborn
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>> she was and then there between a wall in the door. >> she survived, maybe did not. the tornado destroyed in elementary libretto while a few blocks away this man and his family cowher closet. >> all you need to do is run for the closeted way. >> the damage ranges from white those meeting. the national weather service now or tornado. >> of the no eleltricity. businesswoman says she suspected of her.
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is alive. within the state of texas. interstate 40 has been shut down within texas as well as the neighboring new mexico. in some areas storm is only dropped about two inches of no. some snowdrifts are several i. the windchill factor is the lowest in below zero. >> 100 million people are active to be impacted by the monstrous form. new mexico declared a state of emergency. more than 16 inches of snow is
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the governor called the dire situation. she is urging everyone to a off the road. let's in st. louis letting the to the emergence. rising creek streams and rivers. more rain is acted to sleep in the area. as a result emerges management officials of blocked off the reason intersection preparing more flooding. in south-central missouri, the people of infield fly deadly waters. >> it is 435 now and the clark county coroner has identified the hiker who died over the weekend.
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resealed folk in watching them. the metro says he hit his head with the l. >> we take a break right now wrong a lot of the death of the option. the warning to make sure you american already. a lot of you will be going down to the room or maybe your friends or family who will. we be a lot of law-enforcement down there more than the scene and you are. all of that is in addition to the 1500 police officer. >> 300,000eople will help las vegas ring in the new year thursday night.
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security force like this is never seen. more than 1500 law-enforcement officers national guard and and firefighters. all trained and ready should the worst happen. >> goal is to manage cap effectively. >> in years gone by the 10 year until them to be there. as the more into a comprehensive plan. >> we have good technology and good equipment. >> inside the counterterrorism under, purity of the minority.
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becoming in fired amendment action very rapidly. but i think were doing everything we can ensure that were safe but no one can predict the future. >> nathan o'neal news 3. >> if you'd like all the craziness that goes along with the strip turn on your tv set. we invite you to celebrate new year's eve with us right here onchannel three. our live coverage will start the clock at night will not finish until we see the very last image of those are. >> the strip is going to be very cold on thursday night.
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>> a lot of people coming here for news the. also a lot going to times where. how new yorkers are getting ready. >> bernie sanders lashing out at donald trump. let you be the judge. he's coming to town today.
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thanks first tornadoes now snow. 11 people were killed over the weekend. 43 total nationwide. the very deadly the number. >> meantime we take you to new york and unusually warm weather in new york. what they're doing in new york is typically as part of great read the bathroom 2018. they're calling it good written day. they're trying to purge any negativity from the past year. people try anything from medical bills pictures of their at. class still to come feel the burn, the presidential candidate will be in las vegas today.
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live peyton manning being used to being not of using
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thanks that's what we call getting a white belt. my pictures of chicago's o'hare were dozens of flights are delayed.
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probably getting ready for a live work right now. >> tongue camera this is why so this is every other all are. >> happening today bernie sanders making here in southern nevada. you see in the field like. my use trailing hillary clinton the democratic old millions drawing big crowds it is the. >> this guy wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax rates for the top 3/10 of 1%.
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the defendant america we need. >> on the topic of what's going on today, see him when he goeses to rally of the 30 this evening. it's free and open to the public. although it is a first-come first-served tuitions that you may want to thoroughly areas they open the doors of 5:00. you've not eligible to be there till 630. >> police shot and killed two people long as wanting to a domestic disturbance. one of those killed seven be beating his father was a bad. the neighborhood was shot accidentally. in independent police review authority is now in the getting. >> and now to neighboring
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we are gearing to have his only five for them a. medical evacuations were putting the. that was somebody driving to the family death is the area with their family. started as a result of the powerline catching hire. winds reaching 50 miles per hour. >> is looking temperatures fairly low. red rock visitor centers targeted barely sunny. part of the storm system that will be rolling day.
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we will get into the 20 -- we don't get into the 20's all that often earmuf against. 16 degrees currently mount charleston. overton currently a 30 degrees. here's the storm system. the majority of the passes north of us. it also have no north of lost. maybe a couple of reasons beat up on. screen. of us. this thing passes through today leaving behind the first guy.
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30. 46 in sandy valley. slightly warmer tomorrow still below freezing for many communities. the 24 hours from now. today we are in high of 48 in love that you. not go above normal for the next seven days of the. >> controversy in the nfl. denver broncos are back peyton manning adamantly denying that he uses form of enhancing drug. he is reacting this way because there is an al jazeera documentary on professional athlete accusing him of using the drug.
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that you discussed it and you can find the report. >> i know how hard work. there are no shortcuts. saying otherwise the region total joke. defamation and it really me off. >> were hearing this morning that he may actually legal at them. but lie the line -- >> las vegas is the only city getting ready for new year celebration.
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visitors are green theme is wonder. people wrote on their hopes for the upcoming year gave them to be used as an fatty in times where on the big day. >> is what to expect this morning areas >> alice tracking that major winter storm with them the billions of for the past. expect light installations. also michael jackson's neverland ranch market and eye-popping price. have to decide which option will get you the best care. oculomotor unwanted holiday present.
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some people have it out for new year's in atlanta. that larry kendrick arriving at hearts deal. what are they celebrating? he was the 100 million passenger at the work this year. this sort moment of the world as he is therefore. >> you're watching a be history of the city of atlanta becomes the first city in the world of 200 million passengers in the year area but give you some perspective here in vegas we get
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>> another milestone that have strong wars. they've done something that no other film in his real time. we will share we return. >> to make strip safer for
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>> star wars the force awakened late at no time breaking box office records. 12 days of his the billion dollar mark. the second-biggest film market
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it will open in china on january 9. >> they paid george lucas for billion dollars. the previous record was 2.8 billion film. >> of don't break it with this,. avatar. >> terms of the weather, chilly out there. mainly clear skies the ui clouds. 23 degrees. that is northwest of las vegas. these are the current
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28 degrees. they will have a lay their. we'll talk about the 48 degrees. a below normal. >> >> the coin toss confusion.
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they, a rare sight on >> party safely area local leaders working to make sure you
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